The 4th London and the South East Detached Youth Work Conference

24th September 2014 in Croydon - 10am to 4pm.


This conference is for part and full time detached, outreach and mobile youth workers across the region on current policies and issues as well as future changes and challenges. There will be a selection of speakers, including Fiona Blacke from National Youth Agency, as well as workshops to learn together and further explore relevant topics. 


Cost 40 (including lunch).


Registration 10:00am


Format of the day:

The morning session will start at 10.30am with 3-4 speakers who will speak for 10-15 minutes each. Following a short break, we will split into discussion groups for 45-60 minutes to further explore the speeches with a break for lunch at 12.30pm.

From 1pm you will be able to choose and attend two of seven workshops. This will be followed by a plenary session at 3.40pm with feedback from the workshops and an invitation for any comments or suggestions for future events and the Forum. Participants will also be asked to complete an evaluation sheet before they leave at 4pm.


For more information and a booking form please email Sacha Kaufman sachaxkaufman@aol.co.uk  .


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