In conjunction with Dynamo International, the FDYW has produced a Practical Guide for Social Street Workers. This includes Detached, Outreach, Homeless and Drugs Workers. 

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Street work

An international handbook
Practice, methods and tools drawn from The International Network of Social Street Workers’ Guide to International Street Work (2009)

Training guide. 

Communicating with the media
Social street work and communication towards the media.

Reconnecting Detached Youth Work: Guidelines and Standards for Excellence

Reconnecting Detached Youth Work pulls no punches. It is the result of a long, hard look at detached youth work in England today.

The findings are the result of extensive, nation-wide research, drawing on both researcher observations and interviews. RDYW is an opportunity for detached youth workers and their managers, as well as young people and representatives of partner organisations, to ‘tell it as it is’.

RDYW finds that various social and political forces have an impact on detached youth work, often causing those involved to pursue different agendas. This disconnects detached youth work from its historical value base and can exacerbate the social exclusion of the young people it was designed to help.

RDYW aims to identify the characteristics of excellence in detached youth work. It engages critically with the many tensions experienced by detached youth workers and their managers. It stresses the need for detached youth work to reconnect with its original aims – and for all those working in the field to connect with one another. And it contains strong warnings about the future of DYW should this fail to happen.

RDYW offers a powerful, clear insight into the challenges facing detached youth work today. The guidance and recommendations it offers will prove invaluable to new and established projects alike.

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Detached Youth Work Guidelines 2007 - The Federation for Detached Youth Work (FDYW) 

The Federation for Detached Youth Work (FDYW) is a voluntary organisation. Its executive committee comprises detached youth workers and others working in the field of detached youth work. Its aim is to support detached youth workers, improve practice and promote wider understanding of what detached youth work is and the values that underpin it.

Some years ago, the Federation recognised the need for clear guidelines as part of its work to promote the development of detached youth work nationally. The Guidelines emerge from a detailed analysis conducted by members of the Federation of policies and guidelines brought together from around the country.

Detached Youth Work Guidelines 2007 is priced: £10.00 with £1.50 for postage and packaging


International Guide on the methodology of street work throughout the world

Since their first meetings in 2000 and 2002, those involved in the international network of street workers have been concerned with sharing thoughts on the methodology of their practices. The members decided to tackle an international group project on the methodology of street work.

The challenge was a significant one, this guide is designed to be a training tool to help street workers to improve their practices on the ground. At the same time it purports to be a political tool aimed at improving recognition of this type of work and understanding of the issues facing street based youth workers and the people they engage with on the streets almost everywhere in the world.

International Guide on the methodology of street work throughout the world is priced: £10.00 with £1.50 for postage and packaging



FDYW Guidelines Crime and disorder act update 2011

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