Ways Of Speeding Up Your Computer


Regardless of the speed of your processor and the ram you carry, there is a time when the computer does not run as fast as you would want it to. Windows may load slowly, programs take a long time to launch, and the computer drags annoyingly. If you experience such a situation, you need to know to resolve it so that your computer works properly.

How to speed up your computer


Disk cleanup utility

Most people may not realize this because when you with a file it does not imply that the computer does so too. In most cases the computer’s hard drive is a garage, then you would have the junk files piles high. Everybody should use the disk cleanup utility of the windows to delete the unused, temporary and old file which clog the hard drive. Click Start, then all programs, then accessories, then system tools, then disk cleanup. Analyze the hard drive for the files that you can eliminate. This way you create a lot of hard drive space.


Imagine a well maintained hard drive as a room the size of a wall-mart that is filled with cabinets. Again, imagine opening every cabinet, slinging the contents on the floor then try to find a single document- the fragmented hard drive. Your computer may sometimes lack speed as a result of working too hard when searching for the required files. Defragging the hard disk can help solve this problem.

Uninstall unused software

Everyone who owns a computer rarely maintains the software. The unused software can steal the resources of your system. Go to start, then control panel, and then remove programs that you do not use anymore. Select and uninstall programs that you no longer want or need.

Buy more RAM

The RAM is the computer’s memory. By increasing the RAM, you can dramatically increase the speed of your computer when running some programs. The cost of a RAM is little today so you should install the maximum amount of RAM that the system can handle.

Stop and start-up

technologyleftfsdghjfklThis operation requires you to be technical savvy than the other operations, so you have to be cautious. Most programs load in your system tray in the computer’s lower right and may consume resources even if you do not use them. Click start, run then type misconfig then enter. Click the startup to see programs that start windows automatically. Clear the check box to program you to know you do not want to load when you start up the system.

A slow computer can be very irritating hence you need to act faster if your computer starts to slow down. Use these simple tips to improve your computer’s speed.