Tips for Finding Hair Extensions

If you feel like your hair is not growing long enough, you should consider buying hair extensions. Currently, women can easily get extensions which were initially thought to be expensive and afforded by few. What you should know is that there are two types of hair extension, natural hair extensions, and synthetic hair extensions.

Natural extensions come from real human hair while synthetic extensions are manufactured. These different types of hair extensions come at different prices. Also, when buying them, you need to choose a color that blends with your natural hair. For the first time buyers who want to purchase hair extensions, here are some tips for finding the best.


hair extensionsIf you are new to hair extensions, then the best place to start your research is Google. You should go online and diligently research on the different types of hair extensions available. On the internet, you will see a variety of them.

Try and compare them and note how they look in the pictures displayed. With the internet, you are also able to compare their prices. You can also find reviews that can direct you to the best place to buy your extensions using google.

Visit a Store

When purchasing your hair extensions, it is not wrong for you to order from online stores. However, you need to visit a store and see for yourself the kind of extensions available. In a store, you can touch and compare the different colors available for sale. If you are not sure about the perfect hair extensions for you, you can have the store assistant help you in selecting the one that will look perfect on you.

Natural vs. Synthetic

natural and sythetic extensionsThere are two types of hair extensions, natural and synthetic. When looking for that perfect hair extensions, you should go for the one that looks real and can last longer. Natural extensions come from human hair, and the high-end brands have all their cuticles aligned. With the natural extensions, you can do everything that you usually do with your natural hair including blow drying them. But, you can not do the same with synthetic brands.


Hair extensions are not expensive, but it is necessary that you have a budget for the type of extensions you want to buy. Synthetic extensions are cheap but cannot serve you for long. On the other end, natural extensions are expensive but lasts longer and look better.