What is a Pop Up Wedding?

What is a Pop Up Wedding?

It is the joy of any couple to have the wedding of their lives. Every couple wishes to capture every little detail that will make their dream wedding come true. Sadly, in most cases, this is never a reality. Most couples end up having a wedding that the planner wished them to have. This might not capture all the essentials that a couple would have hoped for. This being the case, it is fair to say that if it were possible for a couple to be fully involved in the planning of their wedding, then that would be a real thrill. This is precisely what one gets with a pop up wedding.

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A pop up wedding is a wedding that is designed from scratch. What this means is that you get a venue, which could be anything, a bare field, a golf track or even a riverbank, then design it to whatever you want the wedding to be about. This ranges from the mode of service, the sitting arrangements, the clothes to be worn, and even the food to be eaten. The beauty of pop up weddings is that the couple is fully involved which means that crucial details about the marriage will not be left out. Here are some of the Benefits of a pop up wedding

Personalized Touch

The beauty of having a pop up wedding is that you can create a personal wedding. This means that you will not have to conform to the old, typical and boring wedding themes that everyone uses. You can make your wedding look precisely as you would have wished. With a pop up wedding, you will be able to create any theme that you would like to use for you are the wedding. It could be a farm-based wedding where you can even have the bride wear gumboots. The whole point of a pop up wedding is that it allows you to stretch the limits of your imagination as far as you want.

Wide Variety of Venues to Choose From

Another good thing about these weddings is that they can be planned for any venue. Since the planning is done from scratch, one can plan for any venue. Whether a ranch, a riverbank, an open field or even in a barn. This means that one is not limited to the places to hold their venue. It also gives one’s creativity a chance to shine since planning weddings in some venues are not the easiest task.


The above are some of the benefits that come with a pop up wedding. Therefore,  if you are in the wedding planning business, you may consider trying out the pop up wedding. The whole point of a pop up wedding is to ensure that the couple is fully involved in the planning while at the same time create enough time for them to attend to other matters that will affect the wedding.

Tips for Finding Hair Extensions

Tips for Finding Hair Extensions

If you feel like your hair is not growing long enough, you should consider buying hair extensions. Currently, women can easily get extensions which were initially thought to be expensive and afforded by few. What you should know is that there are two types of hair extension, natural hair extensions, and synthetic hair extensions.

Natural extensions come from real human hair while synthetic extensions are manufactured. These different types of hair extensions come at different prices. Also, when buying them, you need to choose a color that blends with your natural hair. For the first time buyers who want to purchase hair extensions, here are some tips for finding the best.


hair extensionsIf you are new to hair extensions, then the best place to start your research is Google. You should go online and diligently research on the different types of hair extensions available. On the internet, you will see a variety of them.

Try and compare them and note how they look in the pictures displayed. With the internet, you are also able to compare their prices. You can also find reviews that can direct you to the best place to buy your extensions using google.

Visit a Store

When purchasing your hair extensions, it is not wrong for you to order from online stores. However, you need to visit a store and see for yourself the kind of extensions available. In a store, you can touch and compare the different colors available for sale. If you are not sure about the perfect hair extensions for you, you can have the store assistant help you in selecting the one that will look perfect on you.

Natural vs. Synthetic

natural and sythetic extensionsThere are two types of hair extensions, natural and synthetic. When looking for that perfect hair extensions, you should go for the one that looks real and can last longer. Natural extensions come from human hair, and the high-end brands have all their cuticles aligned. With the natural extensions, you can do everything that you usually do with your natural hair including blow drying them. But, you can not do the same with synthetic brands.


Hair extensions are not expensive, but it is necessary that you have a budget for the type of extensions you want to buy. Synthetic extensions are cheap but cannot serve you for long. On the other end, natural extensions are expensive but lasts longer and look better.

Snap frames buying a guide

Snap frames buying a guide


Snap frame is a way of point sale display where posters and other relevant sale items are displayed. In simple terms, they are poster cases that have a frame that firmly holds a poster in the protective area. In most cases, they are wall mounted. However, there is some specification that allows the customer to have a snap frame that is not wall mounted and that which can be used over the counter. Find a frame that does not strain your budget and at the same time satisfies your needs, check on https://snapframesstore.com.au/custom-size-snap-poster-frame/.

The real essence of a snap frame is to protect your poster from direct sun ultraviolet light which results in breaching and discoloration of posters. The poster is thus assured of a long life. The poster is also protected from moisture. Snap frames come in various specifications. First-time buyers of a snap frame may find it challenging to select the suitable snap frame. How can one get the best snap frame?

Size of the snap frames

framesThe size of the snap frame will be dictated by the size of the poster. The size will also dictate different thing, example, ability to mount on the wall and the size of the snap frame. The common size of snap frames are sizes: A4, A3, A5, A6, and A0. Other bigger sizes are 40’by 20’ and 60’ by 40’. The use of the poster will determine the size of a frame. Advertisement posters need to be large and conspicuous. If your poster is designed for advertisement, go for the bigger sizes. Frames to be mounted on the wall should be large and conspicuous. Frames to be used over the counter should not be necessarily large.

Easiness to fix on the wall

As earlier said, most frames are designed to be fixed on a wall. Therefore such a frame should have the necessary specification to help the user mount the frame on the wall without much difficulty. An ideal snap frame should have screws. The screws should be larger enough and have the ability to be used on different type walls. The frame should be made of a material that is light enough. A light frame is easy to fit on the wall. The frame should have a manual guide to help first time users on how to mount the frame. It should also have pre-drilled holes. This makes it easier for a user to fix the frame on the wall as the user is left only with fixing the screws and tightening.

Price of the frame

frame sizesThe cost-benefit of a frame is another very important factor. The cost of acquiring a frame including the transportation cost must be less than the benefit derived from it. The impact regarding increased sale should reflect right way. The price of a frame will be determined by the specification of the frame. A bigger frame will cost more than a smaller frame. However, it is good to note that most low priced commodities are associated with poor quality. Find a frame that does not strain your budget and at the same time satisfies your needs.